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Lauren D'Alessandro


Qara – 12/20/2017

How to Quit Seeking Popularity and Get Refocused on Your Purpose

Wanting others to appreciate your work is not a bad thing in and of itself. We were created with a desire to be loved and delighted in, and we were also created for community. It’s only natural that when we have created something wonderful, we want others to see it. Ultimately, we desire to know that what we contribute to the world is valued and that we hold a spot that nobody else can fill. When we are living out our God-given identity, we will find the fulfillment of those desires.

When an artist paints a beautiful landscape, there is nothing better than someone discovering that piece and feeling such a strong connection to it that they simply must have it in his home. The artist has created a beautiful masterpiece that spoke to someone else’s soul. A connection was forged. That piece was valued and cherished by somebody else. The artist’s feeling of fulfillment in this situation is healthy and God-given.

But what happens when popularity gets added to the mix?

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Qara – 12/20/2017

How to Spot a Liar (Before They Ever Lie to You)

Seasoned liars can be very deceptive. They have learned to convince themselves that they are telling the truth, so their body language may not have the same tells as someone who tells the occasional white lie (ie, not habitual or pathological). Usually you find out someone is a liar once you get to know them – you start to see that their stories don’t add up. You realize that they get a kick out of deceiving people. Once you figure out one of their lies, all of the other ones usually come unraveled.

But there are a few ways to spot liars before they even lie to you. They’ve developed certain habits that spill over into all areas of their lives. If you know what to look for, you can spot them before they ever reel you in.

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The You Are Project – 1/19/2013

Waiting for “The One”: What It Really Means to Wait on the Lord

I don’t know about you, but as a single person I find that the dating advice I receive from others can be really irritating. Everyone has a different opinion, and most people state their opinion on dating as though they are the authority over every situation. I’ve been given advice from every end of the spectrum, from those who frequently suggest that I sit down and create a list of what I want in a man to those who think that God doesn’t orchestrate these things and that I should be getting a move on and marrying the first Christian guy that I can find. There are even the occasional friends who claim that I’m single because I’m not in the right place in my walk with God.

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Relevant Magazine – 10/22/2012

4 Steps to Finding Your Calling

The Church is full of people who are anxious to hear from God—but hearing God and following through on what He says are two different things. We often pray for God to speak and lead us into the life He has designed for us before we are willing to take those steps forward when He gives the word.

Many of us truly believe God has good plans and purposes for our lives. But how do we discern His purpose? How do we know if where we’re headed is out of selfish ambition, or Kingdom calling? And when we do see the vision He has for our lives, how do we get started?

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