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Lauren D'Alessandro
my story of discovering the Holy Spirit

An Open Letter To The Church: The Way We Talk About Politics, The Election, and Each Other HAS to Stop

I’m probably not the only one whose Facebook feed has been flooded with political commentary. In the past, I’ve avoided speaking up on such things, and I’m still avoiding making any sort of public statement about my voting decision. But I can’t ignore the way I’ve seen believers talking about this election. I’ve seen people on both sides of the debate, arguing for their stance and making damning statements about, “any believer who doesn’t agree with me.” I’ve seen people who are confused, wanting to participate in the vote but uncertain about how to make a good voting decision. And I’ve seen people who are afraid – what does the future hold for our country? How can we have peace in the midst of this uncertainty about our nation’s direction? Many of us are hoping and praying for revival in our land. What if God’s purpose in this election is […]

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This Problem Is Keeping Us From Experiencing Unity in the Church

In church, we talk a lot of talk about FAITH and HOPE. Many of us are also starting to talk about the early church and how we need to get back to the miraculous – to healing, to raising the dead, to casting out demons. We talk about how the church isn’t what it should be. We aren’t living up to the calling God has placed on us. We are starting to desire more – more than what we grew up believing, more than just getting by until Jesus returns. The truth is, people who have genuine faith and genuine hope are being rejected everyday by people IN THE CHURCH. We say we want faith, but the truth is, we are perhaps more afraid of stepping out of the boat than we realize. When someone else has the nerve to take that step of faith, we tend to alienate them […]

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Why Brokenness and Transparency are Important in the Church

This post from last year was one that took a little extra courage for me to share. Many of us have a difficult time sharing the worst parts of us – it’s not unusual. But before I shared it, I was discussing it with my friend Becca. I told her that the reason I was nervous was because if I posted this, then I was giving up the perception that many people have of me – that I’m an innocent, perfect little Christian girl. I’m perceived this way in a lot of situations. People that I work with apologize when they curse in front of me. We laugh at all of the jokes that go over my head or the rap song quotes that I misinterpret as actual conversation. I laugh and go along with these jokes because I AM a bit clueless in some ways, and I think they […]

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Don’t Be Like Enoch – Be Like Jesus

I don’t know many people who have read the book of Enoch. It’s actually an interesting read if you ever have the time. It might not be included in the canon of scripture, but it’s referenced by multiple Biblical authors and is generally viewed as a historically accurate book. I’m not going into a detailed description of what’s in this book – there’s just one piece of information that I want to reference, and that’s Enoch himself. Enoch was the only person during his time who was hearing from God. He would spend long periods of time alone with God and then he would come out and preach about what God had told him. But the world was evil. As time went on, Enoch spent more and more time with God and less and less time coming out to speak. Eventually, God spirited him away. This post is written specifically […]

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