How Kate Middleton Can Help Us Understand the Bride of Christ

There’s something about the Duchess of Cambridge that has enthralled the masses. She’s beautiful, poised, and has an admirable sense of style. She’s great with children and foreign dignitaries. She carries the title she’s been given with grace and dignity.

A big part of our fascination with the woman formerly known as Kate Middleton is her ascent from “commoner” to holding a position in the royal family. Her story is a real life fairy tale, and I believe there’s a much deeper reason why her life speaks so strongly to our hearts.

The Anatomy of a God-Story

Since I was young, I’ve always loved to tell stories. I love the way that a good story is woven together, with all of the plot twists and turns that, in the end, fit together perfectly.

Storytelling might seem like entertainment, but there is a lot of power in a good story. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the Bible! This book is packed with powerful stories of individuals to whom God was faithful—all woven into a greater story of God’s redemptive plan for the world.

Building the Church: We Need to Be Workers & Warriors

Many of us believe that our walk with God should be exciting and thrilling. Don’t get me wrong, it can definitely be both of those things. God is amazing, endless, and beautiful, so it’s no wonder that our journey of discovering who He is can be so exhilariting. The problem comes when we attempt to sustain a level of high emotion at all times. We almost always find ourselves disappointed, wondering why we don’t always feel excited about God.

Who God Really Is

I’ve heard it said that our earthly father shapes our view of God. This couldn’t be more true, at least from what I’ve observed. We seem to base our expectations of who God is and what he will do for us based on who our father was and what he did for us.

If your father let you down, you are probably expecting God to let you down.

If your father was generous, full of laughter, and always kept his word, then it won’t be as difficult for you to believe that our Father God is all of these things. 

What Your Sacrifice Is Actually Proving to God

What do we do when faced with the reality that we might lose the one thing we desire the most? How we choose to view God at these pivotal “about to lose everything” moments has the power to change the course of history.

Abraham had waited over 20 years for his promise from God to come to pass: Your wife Sarah will give birth to a son in old age, and your offspring will form a mighty nation that God will ultimately use to save the entire earth.

An Open Letter To The Church: The Way We Talk About Politics, The Election, and Each Other HAS to Stop

Note: This was something I wrote before the last election, and I’ve decided it deserved a re-posting. You will notice that in other posts, I have since expounded upon views that I merely alluded to here.

I’m probably not the only one whose Facebook feed has been flooded with politic commentary. In the past, I’ve avoided speaking up on such things, and I’m still avoiding making any sort of public statement about my voting decision. But I can’t ignore the way I’ve seen believers talking about this election.